Karambezi Cafe

With it's unrivalled setting offering stunning views over the Indian Ocean; it is no wonder that the Karambezi Cafe continues to be one of the most popular dining destinations in Dar es Salaam.

The talented kitchen team take great pride in their food, using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible. The mouth-watering menu features a wide selection of international dishes as well as showcasing the incredible selection of fish and seafood available in Tanzania.

Passionate chef Brendan draws on his international experience to bring a new level of sophistication and flair to the dishes. He and his team put their heart into each and every dish  from baking breakfast croissants to preparing decadent grilled lobster.

In addition to the restaurant and bar, the Karambezi Cafe also caters for hotel events as well as outside catering.

Opening hours
Everyday 6am to 12pm.
Breakfast served 6am to 10.30am weekdays and to 11am on weekends.
Dinner served until 11pm.